#5 - Framed Work On Paper


This is an original work on paper framed in a painted vintage frame. This is a kick stand frame but is also wired to hang on the wall. This price includes free shipping.

Paper Piece - 5.5x7"

Frame - 9x11"

About the collection:

This year I’ve gotten really obsessed with the idea of objects… what we do with them, how important they are to us, and what we do when we no longer want them. If we think of items less as things and more as holders of emotions and values and history, they become so much more meaningful. There is so much consumerism in our society and it’s so easy to buy new items and discard those that are no longer in style… but what happens to those discarded items? Perhaps some go to the needy, some go to goodwill for a chance at a second life, and others just go to landfills. Those items rarely get a chance to redeem themselves or get a shot at reinvention. It was that thought that sparked the idea for this new body of work. I “curated” these frames from thrift stores throughout the city. I’ve honestly probably made 20 trips. As insane as it sounds, I didn’t just buy any frames they had… I looked for solid wood, interesting metals, pottery and thoughtful shapes. I also held them all in my hands and really tried to decide if they were worthy of a refurbish. All of these frames have good vibes and good design and were just begging for another chance. I bought them, cleaned them, painted them, and in some cases repaired them. I then scoured through years of paper pieces to find just the right sections to match just the right frame. I am really really proud of this collection. They are so happy and life-giving. 10 pieces will be for sale on my website tomorrow (turn on notifications) at price points that will make them perfect for gifts, book shelves, or in a gallery wall. I’m so excited to send these pieces out into the world! Maybe you can give one of them a new home. ❤️