Blayne Beacham Macauley is an artist and photographer whose works have garnered international acclaim, and have been featured in galleries, exhibitions, show houses, and in print and television media. Since 2007 Blayne has participated in more than twenty-two gallery and museum shows; multiple juried exhibitions; and five renowned show houses. Blayne’s work has been featured in Traditional Home, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Southern Living, Domino, and on HGTV. She studied studio art and photography at Boston University, and oil painting in Venice, Italy. She is a native of Atlanta, GA where she resides with her family. 

Artist Statement:

My work explores the idea of the human soul. As one travels through life, the soul continues to evolve as one learns and grows through both joyful and sorrowful times. Certain moments can permanently impact a soul leaving it forever changed - even damaged by those events.My work explores those specific moments that shaped and defined my life. I’ve distilled each impactful moment down to one image that becomes a symbolic and visual language. I use that language in different ways and allow those images to interact with each other on paper and canvas. Those interactions represent the malleability of memory, and how my current view of life impacts my perspective on the events of my past.