The Art of Sketching From A Photo - March 26th 9-11 AM


Sketching from photos is one of my favorite activities in the world.

Join me in the studio March 16th from 9-11 for this class.

Address: 2716 Piedmont Road.

Please Bring: (please note these are amazon associate links Please don't feel pressure to use them)

A printed photo or two to use as reference. I really suggest you start with a landscape, scenic or some type of still life photo. Especially if you are unfamiliar with drawing people. Please print the photo on regular printer paper so it can be folded.

A Sketchbook - any sketchbook will do - Here is one I love 

A Pencil - a #2 or mechanical or anything you want is fine

A Ruler - literally any ruler - here is a link if you don't have one

A Pink eraser... or if you have a different eraser you want to use that's fine.

Suggested materials that are NOT necessary:

Watercolor set

Waterproof Sketching Markers

Color Pencils - If You bring these you may want a sharpener as well